L'ARTISTE EXPOSE TOUT L'ÉTÉ Ŕ JAILLY-LES-MOULINS                                 

 Ina Bartelds world of flowers

In her barn in Jailly-les Moulins, Ina exhibits her many-coloured oils composed around the ever-present theme - flowers, arrayed in all their beauty...

orn in 1950 in Klazienaveen in the North-East of Holland, Ina Bartelds taught drawing and

Ina Bartelds: Red Poppy and Sunflower
textile art for 9 years in Groningen High school. 
Interested in yoga as well as the meditative aspect of painting, she felt drawn to leave her native soil, too densely populated and busy for her liking, in order to devote herself to painting.
Jailly-les-Moulins and moved there in 1994 to live surrounded by lush, verdant nature, rich in emotion as well as colour. 

Love of nature
<< I need this environment
to be able to concentrate long-term on my love of nature as she
her subjects, she will sometimes work quickly onto canvas (as with 'Red Poppy') but at other times she makes a first sketch followed by more technical re-working. 

An original place to exhibit
Another unusual facet of her

Villy-en-Auxois which led her to launch out into this great adventure.

That exhibition allowed her to make several contacts as well as encouraging sales. The public seem to be in favour of this unusual exhibiting place,

Never-ending research into colour

perhaps because of the deep rural significance attached to it... it was here animal fodder was kept or partisans took refuge. And so, with the help of her partner Hans and their son Rémy, the whole family rolled up their sleeves and worked all spring to make the barn ready to be a true exhibition place.
Since its opening and launch at the beginning of May, the artist has happily welcomed more than 250 visitors. So if, over the summer months, an outing takes you to one of the valleys of the Auxois region, in Jailly-les-Moulins, you will find the unique charm of the world of 
Ina Bartelds, a magic world where each flower seems to have a 

Philippe DORLAND

  Ina Bartelds, 21150 Jailly-les-Moulins (Phone: +33 (0) Exposition June - September, open for public at Saterday, Sunday and during the holidays between 15.00 and 19.00 hours. Also by appointment.
The call of the great outdoors drew her to Central America and above all to Guatemala where the tropical flora would provide a vast resource for study and  colour research. Arriving back in Europe she fell  in love with changes from one season to another », Ina confides.<<Oil painting seems to me to be the best technique for reproducing the intensity of colour in harmony with how I perceive them.>> Very sensitive to natural rhythms and to the 'essence' of work has been the artists daring choice to exhibit in a barn in her own village, a world away from the closed ranks of urban galleries. It was her participation in the exhibition last summer for the 'Evasions Vertes' in several barns in and around