For the painter lna Bartelds flowers are the most important source of inspiration. Born in 1950 in Klazienaveen, Holland, she moved to France in 1994. She lives in Jailly-les-Moulins, a small village close to Dijon in the heart of the Côte d'Or. The surrounding countryside with its hills, vineyards, 
meadows and great variety of flowers, changes with the turning of the seasons. With her husband Hans and her son Rémy, she lives to the rhythm of the seasons along with all the other villagers.

Ina Bartelds
 "as butterfly seeks out nectar..."

     For Ina, colour is essential.
The fiery red of the poppy, the flamboyant orange of the nasturtium, or the deep yellow of the sunflower. For such an intensity of colour Ina feels that oils are the best medium. They are most suited to convey this profundity of colour and harmonise best with reality of the natural world. Sometimes she paints in a very detailed and precise manner, firstly spending time sketching the subject; at other times she paints in a more emotive manner, expressing herself directly onto the canvas. Circumstances and mood are the determining factors.

     For Ina a flower is not simply a flower.
Flowers bear seeds which disseminate, germinate and flower the following season. In painting flowers Ina thus expresses her confidence in the eternal cycle of life. Each one of her works thus symbolises "vitality".

After studying to become a teacher of  "drawing and textile art" at Groningen in Northern Holland, Ina taught "Arts and Crafts" in California. On her return to Groningen she taught art at a Secondary School for 9 years. Above all she wished to pass on to her students the joy of drawing and painting. Away from her studies, Ina developed an interest in yoga and meditation: the meditative aspect of painting particularly interests her.

She subsequently left teaching in order to concentrate fully on painting. Before her arrival in France Ina travelled widely in Central America and above all in Guatemala, researching the subject of colour.

For Ina painting is not merely a pleasant pastime but rather an essential need, and flowers are very important to her.
     For 25 years a clivia has accompanied her. This plant is a witness to her life with its highs and lows. Each year it flowers and gives her great joy and the courage to face difficult days. Such sentiments Ina expresses through her painting. A plant can thus evoke memories of the past and be a medium to communicate emotionally. And so far Ina there is a great difference between the sunflower with its head bowed facing the earth due to the weight of its seeds and the sunflower looking heavenwards, its heart open to the light.

For Ina each flower has its own character.
     And in her paintings she creates from each flower a unique personality in vibrant colour.

Jan M. de Grauw in "Palet & tekente" Avril-Mai 2001